Benefits of Active Recovery globus sport and health technologies

The recommendations by sports experts these days is to invest in active recovery. This is contrary to the notion of sitting and doing nothing at all to let your body rest. Kineo machine was designed to help with sports rehab and active recovery in a safe manner, as well as help performance athletes reach the next level.

The exercises prescribed are low impact, mimic water recovery exercises, and keep your joints and muscles moving in a safe manner, while helping work specific areas to increase performance. Why is this important? Continue reading below to discover some of the amazing benefits of active recovery, and invest in a Kineo machine from Globus Sport and Health Technologies today!


Promotes Blood Flow

Your blood is what carries vital nutrients to all areas of your body, from oxygen to the nutrients it needs from the food we eat. Active recovery helps get the blood flowing quicker, which helps you to get rid of built-up toxins quicker from a heavy workout. Less lactic acid will build up as well. Plus, your body focuses on rebuilding your torn tissue and micro tears it has experienced from heavy exercise. For sports injuries, the same benefits hold true. The blood will help your injured area recover faster as more oxygen and nutrients are delivered than what normally would be. With the intelligent load training that Kineo machine offers, you’ll be able to work as hard as you want or as little, which allows your body to receive the full benefits of blood flow. Contact us to learn more about injury recovery today.

Maintains Your Training Routine and Regimen

For many people, the problem with fitness is maintaining the consistency needed to perform at the highest levels. It’s too easy to get in the habit of taking days off, which then turn into more days. Instead, when you train every day and invest in active recovery, you’ll be building volume, strength, and endurance into your workouts. This will help immeasurably with sports performance and make your other workouts seem easy. Plus, you’ll have the mental benefits of pushing and challenging yourself every day. For those with sports injuries, you can rest in the area that is injured, but still not lose all of your fitness in the other areas. Kineo machine can help you stay on track with both your fitness and your sports recovery. Reach out today.

Helps to Lower Stress

On your active recovery days, you don’t have the pressure of competition, whether it’s against your gym buddies, the clock, or yourself. You can enjoy the workout for what it is rather than push yourself to the max. This is a great way to help with your stress levels, while also improving your mood and your well-being. Meditation is a good one to throw in as well. In addition, you’ll reap the benefits in all aspects of your life, from having a positive mental outlook, to being kinder, more grateful, eating better, and being more productive in all aspects of your life. For those with sports injuries, you can improve your mental well-being as you continue to make progress towards complete healing. Learn how Kineo machine can help with athlete recovery today.

You Become Better

It’s the daily steps we take every day that shape who we are and if we achieve our goals. As performance athletes can testify, it’s the pushing through the mental blocks of not wanting to go too far, of keep going when all you want to do is stop, and of practicing when you have no desire to practice any more. It’s honing your craft that makes the difference between professional athletes and those that don’t make it. For those recovering from a sports injury, it’s doing rehabilitative work when you have no desire, when it gets hard, and when it even becomes uncomfortable. Kineo machines are great tools to help you push your way through these mental hurdles and keep getting better. Learn more today.

Work on Your Weaknesses

Active recovery days are great to use as days to work on your weaknesses. For example, you can use them as skill days to help strengthen areas you need to work on. You can use them to work on mobility, which is super important to elite athletes and those with a sports injury. Mobility is one area you constantly have to work on in order for you to have full range of motion without pain and/or restrictions. In fact, if you are experiencing knee or lower back pain, it could be caused by either weak muscles or tightness somewhere. Using active recovery to dial in form is great, too. You can spend this time foam rolling, practicing yoga, or just stretching. However, remember this is a rest day, so don’t overdo anything, especially if you are an athlete in recovery. Learn how to use Kineo machine for your athlete recovery today.


Sports injuries are simply a part of being a professional athlete and sports training. That being said, there are many ways to rehabilitate them, including Kineo machine. Kineo machine offers dozens of exercises that are great for sports rehabilitation and for elite athlete performance. This advanced machine uses software in combination with an electric engine to provide intelligent load training that works both the eccentric and concentric phases. You’ll get a comprehensive assessment that will evaluate your strength deficit between limbs, a power assessment, an eccentric/concentric strength ration, and so much more.

Kineo machine allows many exercises that help with lower limb recovery, variable load training, overload jump training, real-time biofeedback, functional training, shoulder rehab, hamstring injury recovery, and so much more. Our Globus Academy offers free theoretical and practical video lessons that can help with training methods, evaluations, and technique. In truth, whether you are looking for sports rehab, injury recovery, recovery exercises, or elite athlete performance, Kineo machine has got you covered.

To learn more, visit our website, and contact Globus Sport and Health Technologies to get started today!