Welcome to Globus Sport and Health Technologies!

Welcome to Globus Sport and Health Technologies! We offer revolutionary rehab and sports training using our Kineo machine that can help you recover faster from both sports injuries and from general physical fitness training. Our machine uses both concentric and eccentric overload training (otherwise known as intelligent training) to help you recover faster and become stronger.

The Kineo machine offers real-time assessments so you can gauge how you are doing and track your progress. You can learn valuable information such as the strength deficit between limbs, the power you are generating, and so much more. You will be able to perform rehabilitative exercises that will get you back in the game faster. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the capabilities of our machine a bit more in-depth. Contact us to learn more today!


Eccentric/Concentric Biphasic Load

One of the huge benefits of our Kineo machine is the fact that you are able to vary the loads. The eccentric phase of muscle contraction is the phase where the muscle lengthens as the force exerted increases. The concentric phase of muscle contraction is the opposite of the eccentric phase: it’s where the muscle shortens, or contracts. Knowing how your muscles work is important when building strength as an athlete. Our Kineo machine works both movements to maximize your recovery and your performance.

Lower Body Recovery

The Kineo machine allows you to perform exercises and jumps with minimal impact on the joints. This strengthens your muscles without putting undue pressure on them. This can help with injuries such as jumper’s knee, Achilles’ tendinopathy, and in rehab after an ACL surgery or injury.

Simulation of Water Training

It was important to the developers of the Kineo machine to create something that could replicate the advantages or water recovery without being in the water itself since many people do not have access to a pool. Kineo is proud to announce our Viscous Adaptive load feature that allows the user to perform movements similar to water recovery without pain.

Variable Load Training

As any athlete knows, changing up the loads is one of the best ways to cause muscle confusion, which then helps to build muscle. The Kineo machine offers this same variable load training that can vary the load based on the needs of the user. It also can vary based on the angle, which means that you can have a lighter load at the critical points in the movement to cater to your injury and or need. This is truly powerful for your sports rehab and fitness training.

Overload Jump Training

In sports, it’s super important to train your jumping ability, especially if you are in such sports as basketball, soccer, or track and field. Our Kineo machine can improve explosive power and elastic energy without stressing your back or knees. This non-impact surface is perfect for rehabilitative use as well. Plus, you’ll be in the correct position every time with our harness system. Try it today to learn more!


We’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible with the Kineo machine. From functional fitness to shoulder rehab and hamstring injury recovery, this machine can help most injuries and improve your physical performance in your sport(s) of choice. This Kineo machine is ideal for rehabilitative centers and high-performance athletes wishing to take their training to the next level. We offer four machines that offer many capabilities that come in many colors with a full array of accessories. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing machine, reach out to our team today!