In the quest to stay fit and healthy and look good, you’ve probably spent many hours reading up on the latest exercise research and techniques, as well as diet plans. You probably have a certain level of fitness you want to achieve, or you are looking to meet your fitness goals. Perhaps you are a professional athlete, looking to take your training to the next level. Whatever your reasons, you have found yourself here, reading about the best isokinetic workout machine. And, below, we intend to give you the latest scoop on this great training tool to help you meet your fitness goals.

Globus Sport and Health Technologies offers Kineo machine for your use. The Kineo machine uses intelligent load training, including eccentric and concentric, as well as isokinetic exercises, so you can strengthen the deficit between your limbs, achieve precise training results, and engage in overload and functional training. Contact us to get started today!

What is Isokinetic Exercise?

As you can probably guess by the name, isokinetic involves only one muscle or muscle group (iso) that is moving (kinetic). Thus, isokinetic focuses on one movement of one part of the body and then provides a variable resistance to those isolated muscle groups but stays at a constant speed. Thus, if you are on a stationary bike, the resistance may vary, but your goal is to keep the same speed, which forces your muscles to work harder in order to achieve and maintain that same speed. This is a resistance type of exercise that is becoming popular due to its many benefits.

Benefits of Isokinetic Exercise

Isokinetic exercises and machines help to prevent injury because the movement is controlled. The results are greater due to the fact you can control the resistance, and you can customize the movements to suit your needs. Isokinetic exercises are also beneficial for sports rehab because it prevents excessive resistance from being applied. Isokinetic exercises can also increase muscle tone, strength, and endurance, as well as help with flexibility, balance, and coordination.


Kineo machine offers the ability to perform many isokinetic exercises. Our Kineo leg press offers the ability to perform isokinetic tests at different speeds. The results are available immediately, so you can isolate any weaknesses in your individual limbs. You can print these out and then use them for further analysis so you can then put together a comprehensive treatment plan. In addition, you can perform concentric and eccentric max strength and balance tests, as well as ratio tests. Multi-angle isometric test results are shown as well.

The beauty of Kineo is working with biphasic loads between the concentric and eccentric phases with different loads at every point of the movement. It is designed for both enhancing sports performance and for sports injury recovery as the load is put on the chosen area and is not felt where the injury occurs. With Kineo you can choose the load, location, and so much more.


Kineo machine offers so many exercises for your needs that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. It offers smart viscous training to simulate the low impact of exercises in water. It offers elastic training that is tailored to your needs, increasing in pressure and strength as it goes along. You can engage in overload jump training for the ultimate in low-impact. Plus, you can perform a wide array of shoulder rehab exercises, as well as hamstring injury recovery.

Kineo offers four main types of machines so you can choose which ones will meet your needs the best. These include Kineo Leg Press, Kineo Multistation EPS, Kineo Pulley & Squat, and Kineo Leg Pro. You can also customize your Kineo with three different color schemes. If you want to add even more variety to your Kineo machine, you can purchase Kineo kit accessories that offer the ability to perform more of your favorite exercises. From a Jump Kit to a Lat Machine Kit, your Kineo can have it all.

If you are looking for the best, all-around sports performance and rehab machine, as well as the best isokinetic workout machine, order a Kineo machine from Globus Sport and Health Technologies today!